1U Rackmount with Intel C206 Network Security Appliance

The AR-R6102 is built on Intel C206 Cougar Point platform. It delivers dependability and productivity by providing new levels of cost effective data protection, performance, expanded security, virtualization, and power management options.

AR-R6102 supports scalable range of Intel® Xeon, Core i, Pentium and Celeron processors. Beside the 6 on board Giga bits Ethernet ports, it also provides two Network Interface Card (NIC) slots which are provides flexibility of accommodate up to two 4 ports Gb Ethernet, 4 ports Gb Fiber or 2 ports 10 Gb fiber NICs.

The 2U version AR-R6102B has 5 more disk bay to support the RADI 0/1/5 function and provides the option of redundant power supplies. The ECC memory modules are supported for better reliability when Xeon processor is used.

Industrial computer ,Panel PC  ,networking appliance
Industrial computer ,Panel PC ,networking appliance

1. 1U rackmount system

2. Intel C206 Chipset

3. Support Xeon E3-1200 Processor

4. Support Intel Gen2 i5, i7 processor (NON-ECC)

5. Support 4* DDR3 RAM up to Max. 32GB



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