Acrosser’s Slim In-Vehicle Computer, AIV-HM76V1FL

With seasoned engineers and industrial experience, acrosser knows what matters when building anin-vehicle system: power management. This article will feature our latest ultra-slim in-vehicle computer: AIV-HM76V1FL, explaining the detailed BIOS setting in four different aspects. Let our talented built-in power management sub-system assist you customizing power setting.

Power on delay: The power on delay feature will protect the vehicle PC from sudden shutdown caused by sudden voltage surge or drop. This allows longer durability to the in-vehicle computer.

Software-off delay: This is the delay time once the ignition is OFF till power subsystem sends a turn off command to the motherboard. During the time, if ignition or remote switch is turned ON again, the power subsystem will automatically dismiss the OFF procedure, going back to operating condition.

Shutdown delay: This allows system to complete data-rewriting prior to each shut down. We suggest a higher value configuration if it takes longer time to shut down the program.

Hard-off delay: This is the delay time after power subsystem detects the OS has been shut down till the standby power is turned off. The unclosed OS will result in energy loss that drained the entire battery.

With proper power sub-system configuration, now engineers can build the vehicle that works for its project, and have the ability to reset those values anytime, anywhere.

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Ultra Slim Vehicle PC: AIV-HM76V1FL

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