Acrosser Technology is very proud of being a part of IoT application providers

Internet of Things (IoT) is the key to the next step of the industrial revolution.  With the Internet of things, objects can be activated and controlled remotely through an existing network infrastructure creating opportunities for integration between the physical world and computer systems.


IoT is not very far from our daily life, the power of internet connectivity has gone beyond smartphones and computers. Now, the internet is been used in all smart devices which are aimed to resolve actual real-world problems, from smartwatches to driverless.

The list of IoT applications will grow as technology evolves in the years ahead. In the near future, IoT will likely be used with Artificial intelligence to give smart solutions. Here we list some real-world IoT Examples of applications, and acrosser Technology is very proud of being a part of application providers.


  1. Smart city.

Via internet connection, all sectors of government can be linked together and share big data, and provide the automation of services in a creative and sustainable way.

Example: Acrosser ANR-C246E1ANR-W480A1/A2, AND-DNV3N3, and ANR-C236N1 are perfect to be Firewall and Unified threat management (UTM).


  1. IoT factory

This part also called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), can empower industrial engineering to create outstanding devices with sensors, software, and big data analytics.

Example: ACM-XD1587 COM Express can be the best solution for industrial automation.


  1. Autonomous driving car.

Autonomous driving car is happening! Now you can imagine controlling all the functionalities of your car by your voice. Having a powerful autonomous driving server installed in the car can receive data from sensors, and this server will determine what the most efficient driving route is and when to avoid danger.

Example: Acrosser the latest Autonomous driving server –AAD-C622AX with power AI edge computing ability is the most advanced machine for the autonomous driving car.



Acrosser had committed its valuable resources to further develop its advanced network product lines. Furthermore, Acrosser is now working directly with Intel, as part of Intel IoT Solutions Alliance, in order to be able to offer its customers first-to-market services, the latest technologies, and solutions in a timely manner. As a member of Intel IoT Solutions Alliance, Acrosser is able to directly obtain valuable resources in providing high quality and stable performance products/solutions to its customers, vis-à-vis non-IoT-Alliance-members.


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